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New York Style Chicken Parm....$14.50
Tender chicken medallions Moretti beer battered and panco bread crumb
encrusted, with a ripe light garlic basil tomato sauce with our home grated
parmingiano over linguine a/ dente.

Chicken, Rigatoni, Broccoli....$15.50
With a creamy Alfredo, or with an aromatic splash of white chicken brodino,
and parmigiano.

Rigatoni alia Vodka with Sausage..$15.50
Sauteed ground sausage, in on Absolute Vodka pomodaro splash of cream
sauce tossed with rigatoni and basil.

American Italian Style Chicken Piccata...$15.50
Julienne chicken, capers, garlic and parsley in a crematic lemon, Chablis but
ter reduction tossed with linguine.

Baby shrimp, artichoke hearts, and chopped plum tomatoes sauteed in
extra virgin olive oil, garlic and a drop of white wine tossed with angel hair,
finished with scallions.


Spaghetti with homemade Meatballs..........$14.50
Fresh cooked spaghetti topped with our own classic red sauce and our fresh homemade

Homemade Rigatoni with Butter..........$8.50
Fresh cooked rigatoni smothered is fresh creamy butter.

Pasta available for substitutions:
Mezzi Rigatoni,Linguine,Capellini (angel hair),Gnocchi,Cheese Ravioli & Cavatelli

Note: We use a combination of DeCecco & Homemade Pasta



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